Our Twins at Six Months


These two lovely ladies are six months old!

Our precious twins at six months old!

I can’t quite believe that my twins are six months old! How did that happen?

I’m not sure why, but I’ve been so excited about them reaching this milestone.

And it’s a milestone that’s everything I dreamed it would be. The twins are a little sturdier, a little less fragile. They’re not quite mobile, and they still want to snuggle. They’re sleeping more and eating more fun foods. They’re interested in the world around them – from Chloe’s fur, to trees on our walks, to television shows, to silly songs about pumpkins and turkeys. They’re playing with toys and starting to piece together the world around them. And they’re starting to interact more and more with each other.

Twins at six months are so fascinating to watch.



At her 6 month check-up, we learned that Ava is 18.25 lbs and 27.5 inches long. She has big blue eyes, a grin that lights up the whole room, a ridiculously stubborn curl on the side of her head, and monster-sized baby feet.

Ava is our mover and shaker. While she’s not crawling forward yet – she’s certainly not sitting still. She wants to go, go, go. She effortlessly flips back-to-front and front-to-back, and figures out some way to get from Point A to Point B – often involving her rotating and scooting backwards. She puts everything she can into her mouth… except baby food, which, other than pears and mixed veggies, she is still not sure about. She is definitely a Daddy’s Girl, and sometimes will only be consoled when Bryan is holding her. Ava is starting to screech in delight – testing her vocal cords, the pediatrician assures us – but her absolute favorite thing in life is blowing raspberries and seeing other people blow raspberries back. Her entire face lights up and she is as happy as can be. It’s just the cutest thing in the world.



At her 6 month check-up, we learned that Maddy is 18.5 lbs and 25 inches long. (I’m incredulous that my tiny little Baby B has now outpaced Ava, just as our pediatric nurse predicted at their 1-week appointment!) She has adorably chubby little thighs, dainty feet, and the rosiest cheeks.

Madelyn is our contemplative little girl. She has mastered sitting on her own, and I’ll often catch her sitting against her Boppy pillow, stroking the material with her pudgy little fingers. She absorbs everything around her – tv shows, songs, Chloe’s fur, books, baby foods – everything. I was so proud of her at her 6 month check-up when the doctor gave her a book, and she reached for it and tried to help me turn the pages. Proud Mom moment, for sure! She is a Mama’s girl, and makes my heart swell when she reaches for me. Madelyn continues to sleep through the night – often enduring her sister’s cries – and wakes up the happiest baby. She’s a shy, introverted baby – but she’s starting to break out of her shell a little more – and her laugh is one of the most delightful sounds I will ever know in my entire life.


I’m so excited to see what these little girls have in store for the next six months!

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