A Love Letter to Sophie the Giraffe



Our twin Sophie’s

Oh, Sophie.

I admit, I had no idea what you were… until I received 6 of you from considerate and generous friends.  Yes, six.

While I returned 4 of your friends – let’s not think we’re running a zoo here – I kept you. Both of you.

Because twins.

I wasn’t sure if you’d be worth the hype, but you are. My girls love twisting your neck. Making you squeak. Chewing on your hooves. Forcing your whole entire head into their mouths.

Now there is no where we go that you don’t come with us.




Every time we buckle up the car seats, I snap, click and pull the straps into place – and then find you so the babies can get comfort from you. And when we get to our destination, I see their chubby little hands wrapped around you. Sometimes they’re sleeping peacefully, sometimes they’re wide awake and playing with you. Each time, it fills my heart. Because you are just so darn cute. Not as cute as the baby holding you, but together. So cute.

You, Sophie the Giraffe, are worth every penny.

And maybe I shouldn’t have been so eager to send your friends back, because I know the day is coming that we lose you or I accidentally submerge you when I’m washing you and your squeaker stops squeaking, and then I’ll be using my Amazon Prime to bring you home again.


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