The Best Part of My Day

The best part of my day is walking into my childhood home, seeing my mom and dad, who are loving on the babies, and then seeing the babies get excited and reach out for me.

Arms waving, legs kicking, making grunting noises… and then feeling them settle as they snuggle in.

Feeling them pull my hair. Slobber on me. Bounce up and down. Stare at me. Chomp on my knuckles. Snuggle in for a hug. Clamor for a bottle. Stroke my clothes. Smile at me.

I’m so grateful for this.

All of this…

because I’m also profoundly grateful because I know that they’ve spent a day with someone who loves them most on earth.

It’s times like this – the best part of my day – when I think of the twin mom mantra:

If you think my hands are full, you should see my heart.


I am a grateful mom. I am a grateful twin mom.


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