Baby Showers: 5 Tips from a New Mom to Moms-to-Be


Me and Madelyn at Lyndsey’s baby shower

I went to a baby shower over the weekend for Lyndsey, one of my dear, dear friends, and one who incidentally, co-hosted my twin baby shower earlier this year.

Lyndsey is an amazing lady, and so she had many of us clamoring to help with her shower.  I was more than happy to help with my assigned task – supplying the beverages for the party – but I was a little stuck at first when it came time for what I was going to gift her.

I mean, this is one of my best friends, on the precipice of one of the biggest, life-changing, core-rocking, challenging and yes rewarding events in life. What could I possibly get her?

I decided to get two gifts: a few small toys and a book from the twins to their future BFF, and another gift from me to one of my BFF’s. I gave her a cute kimono robe from Modern Celebrations on Etsy, homemade lavender bath bombs (I’m starting to get into essential oils, so this was a fun experiment and my house still smells amazing five days later!), and a gift card to Massage Envy for a prenatal massage.

In the midst of Lyndsey unwrapping onesies, rock and plays, photo frames, primary colored toys, board books, pacifiers, and even car seats, I couldn’t help but look at my little ones – who of course accompanied me to the shower – and think how quickly they outgrow everything!

I had a few thoughts that I people probably told me about baby showers and registries, that I wish I had listened to. Or maybe even remembered. But advice is thrown at you during your shower pregnancy, so it’s hard to really take it all in.

Looking back, though – these are my top 5 pieces of advice for new moms, baby-shower-wise, at least!

  1. Don’t wash everything. Wash a few things at the beginning so you are set for the first week or so. But just because you absolutely, positively love the Halo Swaddle Sleep Sack when they’re newborns doesn’t mean that you’ll need the medium and large sizes down the road. And if you get all giddy with Dreft, you’re not going to be able to return them later. (See #2)
  2. If you don’t absolutely, positively love it – return it. This may seem harsh and some may disagree – but, take it from a twin mom – your house is going to explode with baby gear. Baby gear will appear in every nook in your car, in every load of laundry, in every couch cushion. Baby gear will appear in rooms the moment they’re cleaned. Your life is about to be consumed by small, itty bitty things, and at times, you will get irrationally mad at these small, lifeless items. So at the very least, you should start out liking them. If your relationship with the baby gear starts out at anything less than love (or complete necessity) – return it, donate it, or pass it on.
  3. Return every sleeper that’s not zip up. Those buttons shrink while you’re little one is sleeping and become impossible in the middle of the night. Sleepers with zippers are your friends.
  4. Gently used often means barely used. I totally get it – there are things that you just want to buy new. Especially for a first baby – it’s just so fun to get everything just-so (see #2) But… that rock and play? The bassinet? The play mat? The floor seat? These are things you can totally get used – and I guarantee your baby won’t know it. And you will be able to spend that money on things you love (again, see #2).
  5. Make sure Dad likes it all, too. Okay, maybe even if he doesn’t love the purple Ergo carrier – make sure he knows what it does and how it works. If he wasn’t involved in the registry, make sure he’s involved now, so that when it’s 3 am and the baby’s poo’ed for the 14th time, you’re not the only one who knows how to unlock the diaper pail.

What would you add to the list?

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  1. CAH says:

    Lovely post! Lots of women overlook your last point myself included but both partners should at least like stuff they get for baby to an extent.

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