37 Weeks Pregnant with Twins

It’s May 1 – and I’m 37 weeks pregnant with twins!! I made it to my goal, and I couldn’t be more excited.

bump_37 wks

37 weeks pregnant with twins – and exhausted at this point!

Since I found out I was pregnant, even before we knew it was twins, I was so excited about having a May baby. May has always been a tough month for my family – all of my grandparents have passed away in May, so I wanted to have something positive in this month. And to be totally superficial – I love the color green, and the birthstone for May is emeralds. How cool is that?

All levity aside, I had heard years ago when one of my friends gave birth to her son prematurely, that 37 weeks is when babies’ lungs are more mature and little ones are less likely to need NICU time. So, while I’ve since read conflicting studies, heard that it’s different with twins, and so much else – I still had that goal of 37 weeks in my head. I know that there is still a chance (albeit a small one) that my girls will need NICU time, that there still could be other complications – but making it to 37 weeks just seemed like a magic number. And for us, 37 weeks meant May 1.

This morning, I woke up while Bryan was getting ready for work. First thing he said to me – “We’re having May babies!”

At my appointment today, my doctor was so happy for us. We got to see some final images of our girls before we meet them next week – next week!! – so that was amazing.

baby a_37wks

Baby A showed us her sweet chubby cheeks and a head of hair! Such an amazing picture – can’t believe I’ll meet her in just a week!

baby B_37wks

Baby B wasn’t in a position to show us her face, but she flashed us a peace sign. Peace out, womb – bring on what’s next!

I’ve been spending the last two weeks in the most mellow ways possible. Since maternity leave began, I can basically do one activity a day. Any more than that, and my body gets really angry with me.

My view these days

My view these days

So this is how I spend my days – on the couch, with my laptop, cuddle pillow, every couch cushion, and a jug of water within arm’s reach. Oh, and Chloe cuddling up as close as possible. I think that she senses something is happening – she often will go into protection mode. I’ll open the bedroom door in the mornings, and she’ll be laying across the threshold. Or I’ll be laying on the couch and she’ll hear a noise and immediately come to my side. Or sometimes – and this is my favorite – she’ll come up and lay her head on what’s left of my lap and just nuzzle in. She’s going to be such a good dog to our little girls!

I’ve also been spending my days reminiscing a bit on my pregnancy. As uncomfortable as I am, as much as I’m looking forward to being able to wrap my bath towel all around me, and as excited as I am to meet our girls, there are a few things about being pregnant that I’m truly going to miss.

  • Eating (practically) anything I want… especially caramel Frappuccinos
  • The look on people’s faces when I tell them there’s two in there
  • Feeling the girls move and hiccup inside me – especially when it’s at the same time
  • The overwhelming outpouring of love and support from family and friends
  • Smiles from total strangers
  • Being told I’m a rockstar
  • Feeling totally pampered and loved

So for now, I’m going to cherish every last moment of being pregnant, while these little ones are safe inside me, and thank the universe that they’ve been so kind to me these last 37 weeks.

See you soon, my girls. I’m so excited to meet you.


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