35 Weeks Pregnant with Twins

35 weeks

I’m 35 weeks pregnant with twins!!

The 34-week milestone was an important one because the doctor said he wouldn’t stop it if I went into labor. ($#&@^! how did that happen??)

But like most things in my life, I have my own personal goals. My big goal all along has been to make it to May 1 (37 weeks), but I also really wanted to make it to at least 35 weeks and a few days, since 35 weeks was the beginning of my maternity leave and I wanted a few days of relaxation in there before the girls arrive.

I spent the last few days of work trying like a mad woman to make sure I had everything ready to go. Normally, when I go on vacation, I do a lot to prepare and make sure that I haven’t left my team in the lurch. I remember when Bryan and I went to South America last year, and I was going to be gone for three weeks, I met with Lynn and showed her everything I had done, who I had handed things off to, and where she could find things if needed. She made a comment that she was really impressed that I had tied up everything in a package with a pretty bow. My goal was to do that for my maternity leave – but it was hard since I wasn’t sure when I was going to officially go out and I’m sure how long I’ll be gone. So – the last few days especially I was on turbo mode, trying to wrap things off, hand things off, and check off my to-do list without adding anything to it. So when the end of the day came on Friday, and I checked that last to-do box, I was elated. I finally felt like I was able to leave work behind me with a free conscience.

And… the next day was my 32nd birthday – and perhaps the best gift was one of my best friends coming to town.

J Crew reunited!!

J Crew reunited!!

Jeans and Julia came out to visit on my birthday morning and we got¬†coffee at a local cafe. Since Jeans was in town for her sister’s bachelorette party, she couldn’t stay long, but it was such a wonderful way to start my birthday. The rest of the weekend was full of family dinners and relaxing at home.

And then, Monday, maternity leave officially started!

I woke up thinking that I would run a few errands, maybe go swimming, maybe head to La Jolla Cove, check out a museum at Balboa Park, go to the movies, attend a new prenatal yoga class, or treat myself to lunch at some fabulous restaurant.

In reality, I made it to two stores and then went home to collapse and binge watch Scandal. This entire week has followed that pattern – I allow myself one activity out of the house¬†and then I’m back on the couch. On Tuesday, I woke up and had breakfast with Bryan, and when he went to work, I went back to bed… and slept until 9:30. I don’t remember the last time I slept until 9:30!! The good news is that my doctor thinks all this rest is helping – my blood pressure on my Wednesday appointment was lower than last week, and he really thinks at this point that I’ll make it to my scheduled c-section on May 8, when I’ll be 38 weeks. And he told me that what I’ve done so far has been remarkable, which made me really proud, even though I know it’s not really something I have total control over.

I have just recently been letting myself admit that things are starting to get uncomfortable. I’ve been so fortunate that my pregnancy has been an easy one – but it’s starting to catch up to me. I still feel like I can’t complain – the discomfort didn’t really start until I was 30 weeks or so – just about when I started measuring larger than a full-term singleton pregnancy. (At 30 weeks, my fundal height was 38 centimeters; at 35 weeks, I’m at 44 centimeters – much larger than any singleton pregnancy should be.)

But now, aches and pains are pretty regular. My feet are now constantly swollen (thankfully it’s always flip flop season in San Diego!) – and my legs are starting to swell a bit, too. It takes considerable effort to get off our couch, and changing positions when I’m sleeping takes even more effort and causes pain. My new best friend is my heating pad, and if things fall on the ground I leave them there or, if it’s food, I call Chloe over to eat it. I’m really, truly listening to my body and allowing myself to be a little selfish. When it’s just me and Chloe at home, I leave the sliding glass door open so she can go outside anytime she wants to. When Bryan is home, I ask him to refill my water bottle just to spare myself getting up off the couch one more time. My goal, after all, is to keep these little ones inside for just a bit longer. My body is doing a remarkable thing, and I’m really listening to it – or trying to. It’s hard though – there are so many things I’d like to do – but I am trying to listen to my body and respect what it’s telling me.

Because my end goal is only weeks days away, and I want my daughters to be healthy and chubby and have the best possible start to their lives.

We’re almost there, little ones. We’re almost there.

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