30 Weeks Pregnant with Twins

30 weeks pregnant with twins

Babies are anywhere from the size of large cabbages to pineapples.

As I round this milestone week, I have certainly observed a few things about my twin pregnancy. I can’t compare it to a singleton pregnancy since I’m a first-time mom-to-be, but the third trimester for a twin pregnancy seems to be coming at me full-force.

  • Sleep is becoming an activity. Not so much the sleep itself, but waking up to go to the bathroom and then readjusting actually requires thought and contemplation. My favorite is when I wake up, realize I’m uncomfortable, decide to switch to the other side, actually “flip” to the other side, only to realize I was more comfortable on the first side. This happens many times a night.
  • Swelling is beginning. I’m actually really lucky that it’s just now starting, but it is a real thing. The other day, I was working on thank-you cards for my shower, so I sat down in the glider and popped up the recliner. I was appalled that all of a sudden, I had my grandma’s ankles. I’m now taking the advice to “put my feet up” literally. Oh, and I can no longer wear my engagement or wedding ring.  Good times.
  • People are starting to make comments like, “Any day now, huh?” or “What? No baby yet?” When I respond that I’m not due until May, they get this horrified look on their face as they realize they’ve committed a major faux pas. When I say that I look the way I do because there’s two in there, they get this look of huge relief on their face that I’ve given them a way out. And I really can’t blame them – at today’s doctor appointment, my fundal height, which measures the size of my uterus and gives an approximation for baby size, is 37, almost 38, centimeters – which is that of a full-term singleton mama-to-be.
  • Movement is becoming restricted. I was doing laundry the other day to get the girls’ clothes all ready. Bryan came into the nursery as I was struggling to bend to the bottom of the laundry basket, so we made a game out of it – he tossed the clothes at me while I sat in the glider and sorted and folded them. I didn’t say it was a particularly fun game, but it was really nice to have the help!
  • Kicks are sometimes painful. Gone are those days where I’d feel a twinge and wonder if I was digesting my lunch or feeling a baby move. Now, the kicks (or jabs or readjustments or stretches, I can’t tell the difference) are powerful! Bryan felt one of the strong ones the other day, and turned to me, shocked that they already have that much strength – and that I’m feeling them so regularly!
  • I’m going to start working one or two days a week from home. My boss is so amazing and wants to help me stay at work for as long as I can, while still supporting me and my girls’ health. Her only condition is that while I’m home, my feet must be elevated. That, I can accomplish!  Once again, I am pinch-myself grateful that this is an opportunity for me, and that I have my manager’s and team’s full support.
  • We’ve taken maternity pictures. One of my friends at work has a side photography business, and we booked her for both maternity pictures and newborn pictures. We went to Mission Trails, a beautiful open reserve near our house, and it was surreal. It was a beautiful day – though quite warm – but we were able to enjoy the quietness in the park that happens right around sunset. I think Bryan even had a little fun, something that he wasn’t anticipating. Taking maternity pictures at 29 weeks with twins was a good idea I think – I am still fairly mobile and my bump is measuring quite large – but my belly button hasn’t popped out yet and the swelling I mentioned earlier isn’t constant, so I don’t think my face or appendages looked too puffy.
  • I’m now thinking in terms of weeks, not months, of when we’ll meet our girls. My doctor has scheduled me for a C-section on May 8, when I’ll be 38 weeks. He doesn’t think I’ll make it that long, but figured it would be good to have the prime time in the OR all ready for me. So at most – only 8 more weeks from this point. And he said that he’d be happy if the babies came any time after 34 weeks, which is pretty terrifying, as that’s only 4 weeks away. Four weeks is nothing!

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