28 Weeks Pregnant with Twins

It’s been a while since my last update – time is going so fast.

I’m officially 28 weeks pregnant with twins.  This means I’m officially in my third trimester, and should the girls be born now, they have a 90% survival rate. I feel like just the other day they were the size of lemons. Today, the books say they’re eggplants. How did that happen??

My doctor ordered another extensive (i.e., 90 minute) ultrasound for us at the 27-week mark. The girls are looking good – the ultrasound tech was even able to see that Baby B has a ton of hair, which I didn’t even know was possible to see on an ultrasound! Perhaps the craziest news that came out of the 27-week ultrasound was the size of the babies. Baby A is measuring in at 3 lbs, 2 oz, with gestational age measurements coming in at 29 weeks, 5 days. Baby B is measuring in at 2 lbs, 15 oz, with gestational age measurements coming in at 29 weeks, 1 day.

An average singleton baby weights in at 2 lbs at 27 weeks – so the fact that both my girls are growing so big and healthy – and so close in size – delights my doctor. Bryan and I went in to see him on Friday, and he said everything is looking great for the girls, which is so great. We also talked about delivery options since right now Baby A is head-down (vertex), but Baby B is now breech. He said that while it’s sometimes possible to deliver both babies vaginally, he’s concerned that with their size, and with the fact that as of now Baby B is breech, will likely make it too difficult to attempt a vaginal birth. So he’s going to schedule me for a C-section on May 8 – exactly at week 38 – so I get the prime time and we have something on the books. He doesn’t think I’ll make it that long though – by his estimation, the babies will be 8.5 lbs each by then, so likely my body will think it’s time to give birth well before May 8. But still – having a real end date (since I’ve known all along they won’t make it to 40 weeks) is just one more way this is all becoming so real.

Also, since week 27, the babies have been moving like crazy. They’re moving and kicking and readjusting and trying to make space for themselves in my growing belly. Two months ago, I was questioning whether I was digesting lunch or if the babies were moving – now not only can I feel them moving regularly (especially after I eat!), you can actually see their movements – even when I’m wearing a few layers of clothes.

As for me, the end of the second trimester/beginning of the third trimester signaled the onset of tiredness and uncomfortableness. I spent most of February fighting the common cold – which seemed to thrive on my weakened immune system. I’ve left work early a few times just to come home, put on pjs, and nap. I’ve also been experiencing this random pain – it’s like a burning sensation across the top of my uterus. I hadn’t been able to figure out if it was my skin or a sensation just underneath the skin, but I don’t know how to make it go away. As soon as I started describing it to my doctor, he started nodding. Basically, I learned that my muscles are stretching and ripping away from my rib cage as my belly grows, so it’s causing nerve pain. He said it will go away naturally after delivery, and until then, it’s just something that wearing my maternity support belt, or using Tylenol, heat, or ice will help relieve. So while I’m glad it’s not some rare condition that’s cause for concern, I just wish there was something more direct I could do to make the pain go away! But all in all, I really can’t complain. My body is taking really good care of me and this pregnancy has been great so far. My doctor even remarked that I’m handling a twin pregnancy above average – I don’t feel like I’m doing anything special, in all honesty, I just feel lucky. Bryan’s convinced that my body is made to be pregnant, and is now joking about breeding an entire softball team.

The nursery has been under development too – another one of the main reasons I’ve been remiss in updating this blog; I’ve been spending a lot of my free time on Etsy, shopping for the perfect artwork to adorn the walls. I’m so happy that our furniture came in, and not only does it look absolutely beautiful – it all fits in our 10’x10′ nursery!! We measured and re-measured and were super thoughtful with our selections – and I’m thrilled it all fits and it looks good. I can’t wait until all the decor items come in, so it will really look complete.

Today was an incredibly special day in my pregnancy – two of my best friends threw me the most amazing baby shower, just for my friends and my coworkers. (Pinch me, I’m blessed – my family is throwing another shower for me in just a few weeks for family and family friends.) Kate hosted today’s shower, using her beautiful rooftop space in downtown San Diego, (which was lovely, despite the rain!) and Lyndsey brought her incredible eye and vision to the shower, so every little detail was thought of and looked amazing. They served breakfast foods – homemade French toast casserole, vegetarian quiches, egg and sausage casseroles, fruit salad (which I devoured – these babies love fruit!). They had coffee, sangria, and strawberry spa water.

There were so many parts of the shower that I was so touched by –

Baby Shower Entrance

The adorable literary entrance to the shower.

"Where the Wild Things Are" onesies

All the guests signed “Where the Wild Things Are” onesies for the girls.

Books as decor

So many books!

Since it was book-themed (super appropriate since both Bryan and I are avid readers), Kate and Lyndsey asked everyone to bring a book in lieu of a card, so now baby girls have a head start on a huge library.

Diaper Cakes

Julia, who wasn’t able to attend, sent these super cute diaper cakes.


Amy made her signature cookies – I can’t believe how talented she is! Check her out.

Lyndsey knit each of the girls their own blanket – complementary but different, just like my daughters. I love them.

And Lyndsey read a toast from Jeannie, who couldn’t make it, but shared her words of wisdom as a 13-month old mom. I cried.

By the end of the celebration, I felt so, so loved. I couldn’t believe all these women who had come together to shower me and my growing family with their good wishes and love. I am so excited to bring my girls into a world filled with such lovely and loving people.


With the grandmas-to-be


With my BFF’s, the extraordinary baby shower planners! So much love for these two.

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